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Tien {Sachse High School} | Sachse Senior Photographer

Tien is one of those seniors you feel so good being around! She is always smiling and has such a great energy about her! Tien is also a go-getter at Sachse High School, being Class President, captain of the Color Guard, and she even ended up being crowned Homecoming Queen!! She wanted to have cool senior photos showing off her love of Color Guard, and to show off her fun personality. I just love Tien to death, it was always a pleasure to photograph her! Tien was one of my Class of 2012 senior models.


01-sachse-senior-photography 02-sachse-senior-photographer 03-dallas-color-guard-senior 04-sachse-senior-pictures 05-sachse-high-school-senior-photography 06-sachse-high-school-senior-photos 07-sachse-high-school-senior-pictures 08-senior-portraits-sachse 09-senior-pictures-sachse

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