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Sachse Senior Portraits — Trash the Formal 7

Here is my seventh Trash the Formal Behind the Scenes video, featuring two of my Class of 2011 senior models from Sachse High School.

This was the first time I had a guy do the Trash the Formal session, and he proved that the guys look just as good trashing their suits as the girls do trashing their dresses!

Trash the Dress is a fantastic, unique senior session where the senior wears an old prom dress and we have fun in a local creek and waterfall! Not only is it an experience that seniors never forget, but the photos turn out to be stunning! Parents and the seniors often have trouble picking their favorites from this session!

Summer is the absolute perfect time for Trash the Formal photo shoots, although late spring and fall (white it’s still warm) is great, too!! The water is cold year-round, so it needs to be at least 85 degrees outside to do this photo shoot.

And when you have your Trash the Dress session with your best friends, it’s even more fun!! I have many best friends experience this great photo shoot together, for completely unique BFF photos!

To book this senior session, Call Shannon Matson Photography at 214-794-6125 or go to my website at www.shannonmatsonseniors.com

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