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Plano Sports Senior Photos | Shannon Matson Photography

Are you tired of the same old boring sports photo for your senior portraits? Get killer sports senior photos with Shannon Matson Photography!

I especially love capturing REAL portraits of seniors and their sports activities with the beautiful Texas skies! I promise, these are REAL skies, and NEVER photoshopped!

I want ever senior guy to feel cool and get excited about how he looks in his sports gear. Whether it’s football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, golf, tennis, or any other sport. I want you to look like you stepped out of the pages of a Sports Illustrated magazine!

My past experience working in the film industry has given me the skills to use dramatic lighting, both in studio and on location, to create some of the best sports senior portraits you can see.

Check out a few of my extreme sports portraits on this page, and give me a call to book your cool senior portrait session at 214-794-6125 or book 24/7 online at www.shannonmatsonseniors.com

Senior Sports Photos Plano

Cool senior sports photos in Plano, Texas


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