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You only have one chance to make a great impression! Having a quality headshot that truly represents your brand can make or break your business!

Located in Plano, Texas, Shannon Matson Photography has spent 9 years helping her clients create professional images that truly stand out from many of the headshots out there.  With a degree in film production and fine art, along with years of lighting experience, you can depend on a quality final photographic product.


Professional Headshots are great for websites, business cards, Linked In accounts, social media, and press releases. Hire a pro photographer who knows how to make you look your best!

As a business owner, you are the face of your business! A cell phone or snapshot photo will not cut it. A professional headshot will truly help you to represent the brand you have spent so much time creating.

Social media is king. Often, a potential client’s first impression of you will be formed by viewing a photo of you on your website or social media page (whether Linked In, Facebook, or others). You have spent so much time working on a professional looking website, but then ruin it all with a casual snapshot photo on your “About Me” page. Therefore, that cell phone photo taken standing in front of a random wall makes potential clients wonder about your professionalism. If you don’t care about your appearance on your website, will you care about the client?


The days are gone where you don’t need a professional headshot. Too much of your brand image is associated with your photo. A truly professional headshot can be reasonably priced, and is one of the best investments you can make for your business. Too many business owners put off having a professional headshot taken.  Don’t delay any longer! Continuing to use that cell phone photo as your profile picture may be costing you clients. (They who won’t take you seriously if you don’t!)

A great headshot photographer will help to match your brand and website to your headshot. If your website is all white and clean, your headshot should be bright and airy. If you own a law firm, you want to look traditional, business-like, and an expert in your field.


Shannon Matson takes modern, great-looking headshots in her Plano studio, or on location for a more environmental look. You have an option to feature something associated with your business, or have a more formal look.

Book your headshot session online 27/4 now: http://www.shannonmatson.com/professional-headshots .

View more galleries featuring my headshot and corporate work here: http://www.shannonmatson.com/headshots-commercial-portfolio .

If you have any questions about your session with your Plano Headshot Photographer, Shannon Matson, please call me at 214-794-6125. I am happy to help!

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