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Maria {Sachse High School} | Sachse Senior Photography

I loved working with my 2012 model, Maria, from Sachse High School! She and her Mom are originally from Columbia, and are just so vivacious and full of life!! Not to mention, Maria is simply gorgeous, with her big brown eyes and curly light brown hair. I don’t get enough curly haired girls, and I love it when I do! Maria wanted to show off some of her Columbian soccer gear, along with her fun personality. Maria plays the saxophone in the Sachse High School Band.


01-sachse-senior-pictures 02-saxophone-senior-photos 03-sachse-senior-photography 04-sachse-high-school-senior-photography 05-senior-portraits-sachse-tx 06-sachse-high-school-senior 07-senior-pictures-sachse-tx 08-sachse-senior-photographer 09-saxophone-senior-photography

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