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Exclusive Senior Locations — Plano Senior Photos

High School Seniors in Plano are looking for unique senior portraits. Shannon Matson Seniors prides herself on discovering exclusive senior locations in the North Dallas area for senior portrait sessions! A couple of my locations are completely exclusive to me, and others have very limited access for professional photographers (e.g. not many people are able to use them).

Here are a few of my exclusive and nearly exclusive senior locations!


Lakeside Park Senior Photos

Lakeside Park Examples

This park was created exclusively for use by the residents of Lakeside on Preston. Residents are allowed to bring photographers to the park for photographs. However, non-residents will be escorted off the property if caught by security, as it is private property. (An exception is made for high school students taking prom photos on the property).

After a three month process with the home owners association, Shannon Matson Photography was able to obtain an exclusive permit to photograph non-residents around Lakeside Park. No other photographer in the DFW area has this permission or permit, so it is a very exclusive location for senior portraits!

Lakeside has the best of two worlds: nature and architecture. The grounds are exceptionally groomed, with winding paths around a large water feature. The key feature is a giant waterfall. In addition, there are several interesting bridges to photograph on. Along with trees, woods, stone walls, rocks, water fountains, water backgrounds, etc. It is a very beautiful location!

There is a limited number of sessions allowed here each year, so book early to grab this beautiful spot!

View more Lakeside Park sample senior photos here: http://www.shannonmatsonphotography.com/examples-of-lakeside-park-photos


Dairy Farm senior photos

Dairy Farm senior photo examples

A hidden gem located just across from the Collin College Spring Creek Campus. Most don’t even know that this hundreds of acre dairy farm has been located in East Plano since the 1930’s! Just a couple of years ago, this family-owned business began to invite professional photographers to photograph on and around their property. They are very selective about who they allow onto their private property, so only a handful of photographers have an opportunity to photograph here (for a small fee).

The Dairy Farm is the perfect location for the senior that wants a more country, natural look to their senior photos, without having to drive hours outside of the city! The centerpiece of the property is the beautiful white horse barn, which is no longer in use. There is a vintage gas pump on the property, along with a beautiful suspension bridge. Fields, trees, rustic walls, log fences, and gravel paths give a lot of visual interest and character.

Best of all, most of my clients get an opportunity to get selfies taken with the dairy cows! They often walk over to investigate us during photo shoot.

View more Dairy Farm sample senior photos here: http://www.shannonmatsonphotography.com/examples-of-dairy-farm-photos


cotton mill senior photos

McKinney Cotton Mill senior photo examples

Probably my absolute favorite senior location! This 100 year old denim factory in the heart of McKinney was abandoned for 30 years. Before it was purchased and half restored for weddings and events, along with business offices. At 30,000 square feet, even though I have photographed here for six years, I still haven’t photographed it all.

The Cotton Mill’s crowning feature is a set of 20 foot tall wooden doors! But there is an endless amount of visual interest here. A fountain courtyard, waterfall with bridge, brick walls, a giant warehouse with tall windows, old machinery and pipes, a wooden barn, ivy covered brick walls, etc. The options are endless for both casual and formal senior photos!

Only professional photographers are allowed to photograph here. It is not entirely an exclusive location, but since there is a substantial venue rental fee to shoot there, there are a limited number of photographers who go there. (In addition, many do not know it even exists). Every single senior who had paid the fee for this location has told me that it was worth every penny!

View more Cotton Mill sample senior photos here: http://www.shannonmatsonphotography.com/examples-of-mckinney-cotton-mill-session-photos



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